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Welcome to unfiltered – a page dedicated to showcasing what our people are really passionate about – tech.

Featuring project success stories and key learnings, to ‘days in the life…’ and tech trends, all ideas are from our incredible and talented Amido team.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the great technical content that’s been created below.


  • The evolution of the project manager: Task manager to leader

    Clayton Miles, Amido Delivery Consultant, draws from his 13 years of technology development, to reflect on the evolution of the project manager role, and share what success looks like.

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  • A day in the life of a Delivery Manager - Jelena Rakita

    Want to know what it’s like working as a Delivery Manager at a tech consultancy? Then look no further, our very own Jelena Rakita gives her perspective in her ‘day in the life’ blog.

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  • Resisting The Temptation: Is It The Right Choice To Use APIs To Integrate Identity Providers With Your Business Processes?

    Consultant, Aidan Twomey, debates whether it’s ever the right choice to use APIs to integrate identity providers with business processes in his latest blog.

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  • Dealing With The Unmentionables: The Amido Consultant’s Trickiest Task

    Take a look at the five principles that our Senior Consultant, Stephen Arnold, applies to every engagement so as to manage his core deliverables, surface the hidden challenges, and de-risk our path in order to deliver a successful, timely and on-budget project.

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  • From Afterthought to Lynchpin: The Evolution of The QA Role

    The last decade has seen a significant shift in the way we go about assuring the quality of development. Our very own Senior Consultant Amir Ghahrai delves deeper on this topic in his latest blog.

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