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Kindness: Reflecting upon Wellbeing Week 2020


Amido came together recently (albeit virtually) for Wellbeing Week, otherwise known as Mental Health Awareness Week. Our People Advisor, Sophie Ward, talks about how our team came together to support each other’s mental health at a time when it felt more pertinent than ever to do so.

The theme this year was kindness, both the power and potential for giving and receiving. Kindness can help protect us from the health impacts of stress. Kindness brings us together, particularly during uncertain times such as a pandemic. Kindness has been prevailing throughout; from 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore as he walked 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS, to supporting our local communities. We are connecting both inside and outside of our workplaces to help support those impacted, now more than ever.

After a successful Wellbeing Week last year, we appreciated the need to make a few tweaks to this year’s format so we could still come together remotely throughout the week. Staying connected in a world of social distancing can be challenging, but with a bit of creativity and our own technology, we were able to do just that. Building on the success of this experience, we hope to expand this way of connecting and help shape the society we expect to see emerging post-pandemic.

We kicked off the week with a Wellbeing Check-in survey to pulse check our team’s health and happiness; with the aim to run regular surveys to ensure everyone within our community receives the most appropriate support at work.

Throughout the week, we took part in a variety of opt-in activities such as a virtual yoga session, supporting our lunch running team towards their 100km in May challenge, celebrating simple everyday acts of kindness as a community, and sharing daily themed pictures on our internal Slack messaging system. We rounded the week out by celebrating positivity, following talks on ‘Chair Yoga’ with Sarah Hunt, and ‘Utilising Nature to Support our Wellbeing’ with Tansy Dowman.

The Amido team took part in as much or as little as they liked, and everyone’s contribution was appreciated.

Wellbeing affects anyone, at any time. Amido is proud to support a culture of sharing, caring and supporting our people. As part of our Wellbeing initiative, we are pleased to have six Wellbeing Advocates who are Mental Health First Aid trained, and have the tools to spot the first signs of mental ill health, and the knowledge and confidence to help our people in times of distress.

Reflecting upon the week, taking a pause to come together is key. Kindness to ourselves can often be harder to demonstrate, especially given the challenge many of us face in navigating new routines during this pandemic. Despite our work, home and family commitments, it’s important to take time to recharge our batteries. Whether that’s setting aside time each day to exercise or practice mindfulness or taking a couple of days as annual leave to do something relaxing outside the working routine. Having time away from our laptops especially with the blur of work and home-life, is a good place to start.

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