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Digital Transformation: How ASOS is Innovating the Online Retail Industry


 ASOS’ digital transformation was all Bob Strudwick, CTO of ASOS, could talk about at last week’s MuleSoft Summit in London, and with a 27% jump in sales this year, we can see why.

Working closely with Amido, an independent technical consultancy that specialises in implementing cloud-first solutions, the billion-pound ecommerce fashion retailer began its ambitious transformation when it decided to replace everything, shifting its entire technology stack to the cloud.

Over four years later and the resulting hyperscale ecommerce platform, built with a microservice architecture, now caters for 13.4 million active customers, 125 million unique visitors per annum and 100 million daily page views without a hitch.

The new platform has allowed ASOS to lead the online retailer pack by ensuring high availability, low latency and infinite scale during the ever increasing shopping peaks of the retail calendar, such as Black Friday and Christmas. Something that many organisations are unable to offer customers.

When designing and building these kinds of systems, you need specialist advice from a best of breed cloud partner. With their expertise in cloud-based hyperscale transactional systems and their previous work on customer identity management, we trusted Amido to help us in our next stage of growth.

Bob Strudwick, CTO, ASOS

This is just the start of what promises to be an innovative exploration into the future of the online retail industry, and Amido couldn’t be prouder in the work they have done so far in assisting ASOS on their digital transformation journey.

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