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Black Friday and Cyber Weekend are nearly upon us... is your tech ready?

Prepare for Black Friday

Is your ecommerce ready for Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and beyond?

Ah yes, it’s rapidly approaching that oh so joyous time of year… not Christmas (yet) but Cyber Weekend!

There used to be a time when the ‘Boxing Day Sales’ or ‘Blue Cross Events’ were the highlights of the year for savvy shoppers, though it’s no secret that the past few years have seen Black Friday and Cyber Weekend take priority.

Originating in the US as the biggest sales day of the year following Thanksgiving, Black Friday has made its way over here to the UK and has had retailers clambering to make the most of the various opportunities. This has also seen Cyber Monday take place immediately after Black Friday and the whole event has come to be known as Cyber Weekend.

Ultimately this means online retailers need to make the most of each opportunity or there’s a very real possibility of missing out – allowing competitors to prosper in more ways than one.

So what can be done to ensure this year’s Cyber Weekend is the best yet? Thankfully, it’s quite straightforward – online retailers must ensure their tech is ready.

It’s clear that every year the web is littered with examples of disaster stories pertaining to Black Friday, usually revolving around a key player in the market inexplicably going offline. Even Amazon recently suffered an infamous outage during its famed and highly publicised Prime Day extravaganza.

We know what causes these hiccups and it’s also worth noting the impacts aren’t always fiscal, there’s also brand reputation at stake. With that in mind, the team here at Amido thought it’d be useful to put together a guide containing some key points on how retailers can ensure they maximise the opportunities that Cyber Weekend presents, after all this weekend alone can account for over 10% of annual revenue.

Download the guide here – 5 ways to prepare your tech ready for the Black Friday jackpot.

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