Amido’s GDPR Readiness Assessment Helps Leaders meet May 2018 deadline

Are you nervous and confused by GDPR? If so, we’ve launched our GDPR Readiness Assessment for you.

With the countdown to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) well and truly begun, it is no wonder that UK organisations fear they will not be compliant in time, with only 68 per cent believing they will be.

The new regulation intends to unify data privacy approaches across all member states through tighter restrictions on what personal information can be used. However, the tough fines that accompany the new regulation have nearly a third of UK organisations understandably concerned with the impending deadline.

Here at Amido we do not see GDPR as something to fear. Instead, it is an opportunity to capitalize on customer data and trends, whilst also demonstrating to your customers that you take their privacy seriously. When done right, GDPR preparations will allow organisations the opportunity to introduce next-generation privacy and consent services, which will in turn lay the foundation for more personalized experiences based on rapid developments in automation, AI and machine learning. Profound advantages for any company.

Amido have therefore launched its new GDPR Readiness Assessment to help organisations evaluate high risk areas that need immediate attention. Through a series of tailored workshops, senior consultants will help assess business activity, current technology, governance and process, as well as any existing GDPR plans and ongoing digital transformation projects. Assisting in the prioritization of any gaps that need future consideration and remediation

The new readiness assessment will help ensure organisations are ready for GDPR as well as helping them get closer to their customers.

Amido’s tailored Readiness Assessment is designed to help mitigate the risks of one of the most significant regulation changes affecting customer data to date.

Email to find out how our GDPR readiness assessment can help you.

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