Search and Insight

Unlocking insight by transforming unstructured digital content into searchable data through the use of artificial and augmented intelligence.

Managing unstructured content is hard

Extracting insight from structured data has been on the enterprise agenda for some time, with significant investments being made into tools for data analysis and business intelligence. But what about information that can’t be stored in a row or column?

In world where content is king and data is the new oil, valuable information is not only confined to rows and columns, especially in industries such as media and publishing, whose success depends on their ability to share and repurpose their written, video and audio content.

It’s everywhere

With unstructured data accounting for 90% of enterprise data, analysts IDC suggest that organisations have “significantly overinvested” in extracting value from structured data, whilst underinvesting in unstructured data. Why is this?

The tools to extract value from unstructured content, such as syntactic and semantic analysis, have been available in the rich cloud services market for a while now, and have the ability to handle large amounts of enterprise data. Not only are these tools for analysing unstructured data less costly than they used to be, but they can now be deployed rapidly, allowing businesses to demonstrate return on investment of big data projects in months rather than years.

Find out how we help businesses derive insight from structured and unstructured content.

"According to the leading industry analyst firm IDC, unstructured data accounts for 90% of enterprise data"


Value it creates

  • Increase efficiency

    Reduces time required to find relevant information, leading to process efficiency as well as the automation of manual processes

  • Potential for new revenue streams

    By unlocking the ability to harness insight from unstructured data, organisations have the potential to harness valuable insight and sell access to others

  • Leveraging AI

    Organisations can collect data from multiple sources and in a variety of different formats, helping them to extract insight from both structured and unstructured data

Technology we use

As a vendor-agnostic consultancy, we have experience working with a variety of products and regularly help organisations assess which is the most suitable product to solve their particular challenge.

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Business problems we solve with search and insight

  • Step-by-step path to the cloud

    Solving real-world business problems by providing a pragmatic path to the cloud.

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  • Data-driven decisions

    Utilise multiple sources of data in order to better understand, predict and gain competitive advantage.

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  • Cloud-native solutions

    Deliver flexible cloud-native solutions that reduce vendor lock-in, work seamlessly alongside existing technology and lower risk.

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  • Intelligent digital experiences

    Design frictionless digital experiences that are flexible and resilient at scale.

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How we help our clients

Whilst working with organisations from a variety of industries, we have developed a number of specialisms that we believe are key elements in any digital transformation journey.

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