Seamless digital experiences

We help our clients create frictionless digital experiences for their customers and employees, resulting in seamless omnichannel experiences

Multi-channel business models create friction

Multi-channel business models make a single view of the customer harder to develop, but they are an essential component of personalising customer experience. As a result, organisations are often operating with a fragmented view of their customers and data silo from existing customers.

Customers and employees expect to be able to use multiple devices

The growing numbers of people working remotely means that more employees need access to the same systems they have access to in the office. In some situations, the same systems need to be accessed by customers as well as employees. Managing user identities and access to IT resources has never been more important as organisations increasingly turn to cloud services and mobile apps to empower mobility and scalability. Ensuring employees and customers can access applications and data from multiple devices and locations, without compromising security, is a cornerstone of digital transformation.

"The most important thing is to reduce friction, making it easy for people to sign in and transact. Everyone is trying to bridge that gap between physical and digital. You need solutions that allow you to do just that; once this is in place, that’s when superior personalisation, loyalty and monetisation of customer data becomes second nature"

Alan Walsh, CEO, Amido

How identity drives effective personalisation, customer acquisition and friction-free sign-in

More customer data is available than ever before, but it is fragmented over various sites and services. While the concept of personalisation has existed for years, it has often been implemented poorly. Today, businesses in every sector are seeking competitive advantage from deeper customer engagement and loyalty. Personalisation done well is a surprising delight, giving users appropriate information at an appropriate time and place. At the very least, it should function as an unnoticed nudge towards action.

Personalisation can also be an effective tool for customer acquisition. Giving site visitors a friction-free, seamless and personalised experience – regardless of channel – quickly converts them to customers. Context is the difference between delight and frustration. It is the sum of the users’ current circumstances and behaviour patterns. Taken together and used wisely, context can create loyal customers and advocates. But, if important elements are unknown, if context is misunderstood or misused, it creates frustration. Without appropriate context, attempts at personalisation appear either pointlessly superficial or creepily intrusive.

"Marketeers understand the value of customer identity data, but they may not be fully aware of what is technically possible. Likewise, IT will understand what technology is capable of, however they may struggle to see the business value perspective. It is therefore essential that if you want to extract real value from your data and deliver a truly excellent customer experience, the two must work in harmony"

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How we create frictionless digital experiences

Whilst working with organisations from a variety of industries, we have developed a number of specialisms that we believe are key elements in creating seamless digital experience for employees and customers.

Digital Transformation ID Access Management

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