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Cloud Futures: 2020Cloud Futures: 2020 – How to become an AI-driven business

AI in business is a reality and companies want to benefit but aren’t sure where to start. Our in-depth report highlights 5 building blocks businesses should focus on to move towards becoming AI-driven.

Surviving the SpikeSurviving the Spike

Why do so many ecommerce businesses fail at scale? Why do retail websites fallover in the face of demand that they should have anticipated? Our report uncovers these issues and explains how to achieve success beyond scale.

Identity of ThingsIdentity of Things: The role of Identity Management in the Internet of Things

The digital business environment is starting to get massively complex. There are countless moving parts that need to be identified, managed, secured and linked together. Identity and Access Management (IAM) has therefore become a core platform with 91% of IT Managers seeing identity management as a key enabler for their digital business initiatives (IDG).

Digital TransformationDigital Transformation starts with Identity

The cornerstone of digital transformation is the ability to ensure customers and employees can access applications and data from multiple devices and locations, without compromising security.
Our report covers how to achieve better customer service and secure employee access.


Know thy CustomerKnow thy Customer

Today’s customer is more demanding than ever before, with 69% of UK customers expecting an integrated and seamless shopping experience that’s tailored to their lifestyle and needs, regardless of channel. Our report covers how to integrate siloed data and how you can use identity to predict future buying behaviour.

Tech Trends 2018Amido Tech Trends 2018: What’s all the FaaS about?

Our in-depth report highlights 4 major trends we believe will continue to impact businesses in 2018 and beyond, these include: Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and the Demise of the CIO.

Making it Personal

Are you making it personal?

Speaking to CIOs and marketing decision makers across six vertical markets including retail, media, utilities and financial services, our report looks at how organisations are utilising the ever-increasing amounts of customer data to personalise customer experience, increase long-term engagement and drive revenue.