Transforming the housing sector through Microsoft Azure

Transforming the housing sector with Azure

Due to the pressures that come with serving thousands of residents, Notting Hill Housing employees were losing a lot of time due to inconvenient and inefficient processes.

In order to address these issues and put greater focus on its residents, NHH asked Amido to propose an innovative solution.


The existing setup and IT infrastructure weren’t able to provide the necessary capabilities, which meant a radical overhaul was needed.

The key challenge faced by Amido was how to implement a solution capable of serving front-line staff and residents while offering flexibility.

Both staff and residents had become accustomed to a certain way of working, an additional challenge was to ensure ease of use and a shallow learning curve for all parties.


Amido presented a cloud-based option. Using Microsoft Azure, Amido delivered a digital platform architected on microservices that’s significantly improved the efficiency of front-line staff while providing a better service for residents.

By creating a bespoke and flexible platform for the housing association, Amido has helped the organisation leave its paper-based processes firmly in the past effectively delivering decades worth of technological evolution in just one year.

A creative IT overhaul was needed. NHH recognised the need to improve inefficient manual and paper processes and existing technology.


1. Time efficient
Processes which typically took hours to resolve are tackled in seconds

2. Reprioritised staff
As problems and issues are tackled so much more quickly, front-line staff are able to invest more time in the field and face-to-face with residents

3. Futureproof
The cloud-native nature of the solution ensures it’s futureproof for any technical or business-led changes

4. Significant cost savings
As the cloud-based solution has been created with extensbility at its core, its ability to integrate easily with future applications will save significant sums of money

5. All hours access
24/7 access has provided a huge benefit for residents as they’re no longer inconvenienced by out-of-office limitations. Residents are able to access the full range of services throughout the day, every day

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