Rapid software development for a media giant

Media Giant

A media giant was using costly labour to monitor commercial mentions during on air broadcasts in order to gauge campaign effectiveness.

After understanding the issue the client was facing, Amido presented a platform that comprised of multiple cloud-native services which could perform the same task automatically and with minimal supervision.


Prior to deployment of the cloud-based platform, the media giant’s commercial teams were spending as much as four hours per show listening for applicable mentions.

While the business objective was clear, Amido needed to come up with a cost-effective solution while satisfying the needs for innovation and usability.

Due to the sheer number of software solutions available, the organisation needed to avoid being tied to one vendor.


Harnessing the power of the cloud and stitching together multiple services, Amido delivered a unique and innovative platform that was capable of delivering the commercial information as required by the teams.

Hosted on AWS and using services such as Elasticsearch, Amido managed to have a fully working system – named FreQ – operational in under 8 weeks.

Since ‘go live’, the digital platform has produced an immediate return on investment and saved countless hours of labour.

We delivered an innovative solution in the most effective manner


One Team
Amido with the radio technology team discussed and presented the technology strategy to its stakeholders to increase awareness internally – as one team

Confident Consultation
Amido’s knowledge and know-how of products, solutions and services with proven results and ROI fosters an open platform to improvise ideas, creating the best-fit solutions within budget and on time

Time and Cost Sensitive
Delivered on time, within budget and with immediate results from the ‘go live’

Culture of Innovation
By setting an exemplary working method with Amido as an external consultancy, the radio station’s internal team was able to vastly improve and drive innovation within the company, by fostering new ideas and solutions to existing problems across different parts of the business

Ideas to Reality
The working relationship is now leading to further ideas generation that would not otherwise have been possible – a good example of design, thinking and product development

Constant Support
Amido constantly supports the team even after hand-over

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