How Radio could help the Video Star with its Agile Audio Search Platform

We began working with a global media and entertainment company who were struggling to monitor clients’ promotional campaigns across several platforms and stations.

This labour-intensive task was proving time consuming, taking the commercial teams away from their preferred role of brokering more campaigns.


Prior to building its unique and innovative ‘FreQ’ [pronounced free-q] product with Amido, commercial teams were manually listening back to each show to record the mentions within the duration of the presenter’s air-time – a time ranging between an hour to three/four hours.

Our work on project FreQ won in the Most Innovative Emerging Technology category at the recent UK Cloud Awards, click here for more.

Once all the mentions were logged, they cut and pulled each of these clips into an audio-file so that the client could listen to the campaign.


In addition, the commercial team would need to offset these mentions against other factors, such as peak hour listening numbers, ensuring that the client’s promotional targets were hit as well as the ROI. This pain-staking task was supremely vital to the commercial arm of the business in order to maintain client relations and secure further business ventures.

The Solution

As an innovative media company, this radio station had a strong vision to digitally transform its processes from a simple log, record and search of each broadcasted show to a more search-friendly platform that is easily managed, uses less storage and, most importantly, is cost and time effective.

However, given the myriad of software solutions available, the company needed to ensure that it was not being tied into one specific vendor. By consulting with the platform and vendor agnostic cloud consultancy Amido, the radio station used its in-house talents and married them with the specialist know-how of the Amido team in order to build a whole new software solution, by ‘stitching’ together a number of excellent software products and hosting it on AWS.

Amido advised using VoiceBase, an innovative speech-to-text service. It utilises its own proprietary speech engine technology to deliver industry leading accuracy, with the fastest turnaround time and at a low price. Coupling that with AWS’ own Elasticsearch Service made it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elasticsearch for log analytics, full text search, application monitoring, and more.

As a result of pulling together these two products the team named the product ‘FreQ’ (short for ‘frequency’), which is the in-house name used by the employees using the service.

For each show transcribed by VoiceBase, Elasticsearch enabled users to query the converted audio-to-text and then refer it back to the audio snippets.

And by using a simple front-end design, users can search for audio, verify by listening and reading the text transcript and then download it to send to the client. As an added bonus following the success of ‘FreQ’, presenters and producers are now using the service to review what’s been said on air and to discuss show performance and content.

The solution has more than halved the work required by their teams to search and compile promotional audio content examples for their clients; a massive improvement which allows their sales teams to focus on more value- add commercial opportunities.


Rapid Deployment

From idea to actuality, Amido delivered a solution fit for purpose

No Red-Tape

Procurement is quick and easy

Streamlined Processes

Audio search time cut from a few hours to a few minutes