Designing and Delivering a Global Ecommerce Platform for the Second Most Visited Fashion Website in the World

Having recognised that its existing platform was going to limit their ability to grow, differentiate and innovate, a leading global online retailer approached Amido for help in designing and delivering a resilient ecommerce platform that differentiates their brand experience from the competition.


With a customer base of smart 20-somethings who are early adopters of new technology, having a service architecture capable of managing the different styles of browsing through to purchasing across all devices was vital to providing a fluid customer experience across the globe.

The development of the new platform had to be phased in gradually – this could not be a big bang ‘off and on’ approach. The solution had to be able to fulfil current requirements in terms of resilience at scale, technical flexibility and creating a brand experience, as well as accommodate future developments in how their customers might interact and purchase online – technology solutions including conversational commerce (messaging apps) and augmented reality were seen as integral to future proofing consumer loyalty and the online shopping experience.

The Solution

Having first considered adopting an enterprise-grade ecommerce platform, this approach was dismissed as it prevented any meaningful flexibility or customisation. The retailer did not want to find itself locked into a vendor’s platform as it would result in some of these common limitations:

  • The vendor requires that you pay them to design the architecture you need
  • The vendor requires that you only work with nominated implementation partners
  • The software only works effectively with other software from the same vendor. There is extremely limited interoperability

“During Halloween 2016, we offered 20% off everything and this turned out to be the day when we had our busiest ever hour. Over the period, we had 25 million bags opened and 650 requests a second. Average bag size went up by 20% and the platform performed as expected.”

CTO, Global Online Retailer


Bitesize chunks demonstrate quick ROI
Approaching one service at the time rather than a big bang platform approach allows you to develop new capabilities alongside your existing platform

99.99% availability and full disaster recovery in every territory and the highest redundancy of any ecommerce platform anywhere
in the world

The ability to trade in any territory with the same level of service as the UK and rapidly deploy in new regions

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