Connecting Northern & Shell’s SaaS platforms to increase sales and revenue by creating a Single Customer View


Increase in email open rate


Spike in user opt-in

Northern and Shell (N&S) is a media group which owns and publishes various popular media titles including The Daily Express and OK! Magazine. Despite having the right technologies in place, the realisation that its customers were becoming disengaged with its marketing campaigns encouraged department heads to work together to invest in further developing its CRM systems.


N&S had a clear vision that we wanted to achieve but were unsure how to achieve it. They wanted:

  • Better capture and removal of email addresses
  • Better target advertising and marketing campaigns
  • To create a Single Customer View by capturing profile-rich customer data and continuously updating user profiles
  • Increased targeted sales and revenue across OK!, Daily Express and Daily Star
  • Minimal disruption to the current workflow by maximising the technologies they already had
  • Enhancing the customer experience


We immediately focussed on making multiple SaaS platforms work together. This is how we did it…

01.Implementing an Enterprise Service Bus

By pooling disparate sources of digital marketing software together, this enabled cross-platform communication avoiding deployment of new platforms.

02.Introducing social media log-in

To enrich customer profiles, we introduced a social media log-in option to pull in real-time, rich data enabling more effective marketing campaigns, on and offline.

03.Added a cookie element

By introducing the cookie element into its technology platform through the implementation of Krux, N&S is now able able to understand its customers’ interests outside its own website.


The project was completed in six months with no significant distraction to the day-to-day running of the organisation.

The N&S ad sales teams are now able to provide targeted adverts with advertisers now paying more for precise audience segmentation and the customer shown only relevant information related to his/her interest.Customers have responded positively to the enhancements of targeted advertising and email marketing with a 35% email open rate for its Daily Express members plus a huge spike in user opt-in to the services across the spectrum of N&S publications


OK! Magazine