Building a Market-Leading Identity Solution Across 120 Countries for Save the Children International

By partnering with Amido, Save the Children International hoped to improve its IT efficiency whilst retaining its unique global brand presence worldwide and national localism in the international marketplace.

Prior to partnering with Amido, employees within each member organisation were struggling to access SCI tools and resources without having to re-register directly with SCI each time.


Due to the sheer scale of the SCI operation, members have autonomy over much of their IT infrastructure and applications, each operating their own Azure Active Directory (AAD) separate to SCI’s. Only the key business applications and infrastructure used globally are managed centrally on their behalf.

The key challenge faced by Amido was how to implement a Single Identity Store that could align and synchronize all 30 members’ AAD users – despite being spread across 120 countries – with SCI’s overarching applications and infrastructure, in a way that was maintainable, flexible and cost effective.

In addition, the identity solution needed to be deployable in a way that could cater to those individuals who had no prior technical knowledge of it, able to load all users from a member organisation in under an hour, offer secure access to the platform for all third parties including contractors, and provide full traceability and reporting for each synchronisation run from a member organisation to SCI.


To retain SCI’s unique brand presence both globally and at a local level, Amido began moving away from and replacing a number of legacy ID platforms, creating a global platform that can integrate seamlessly with global systems.

Despite initial hurdles with the Microsoft Azure APIs and the Azure B2B solution – a result of the gap within the COTS for Azure AD, these limitations were overcome through the use of Azure Native Serverless technology, namely Logic Apps which were deployed into the SCI Azure subscription and an Azure Automation script that was deployed to the member’s subscription.

The result is a market leading solution, one which utilises best of breed cloud services. The solution provides SCI with a single authentication/identity provider for access to global and location-specific applications, a process that previously involved multiple logins and friction between systems.

“Replacing a number of legacy ID platforms and joining multiple Office 365 and Azure tenancies in a controlled and secure way, is not an easy or straight forward thing to do. What Amido have helped us develop is a market leading solution. Their efforts have been critically strategic to the IT efficiency of Save the Children International, ensuring that the charity’s money and effort is spent on helping children - which has always been, and will remain, our only focus.”

Graham Kent, Director of IT Services, Save the Children International


1. Rapid Deployment
Load all users from a member organisation in under an hour

2. Streamlined Process
By removing multiple logins and replacing them with single-sign-on, the friction between the individual member IT programmes, and the overarching SCI one was greatly reduced

3. Quick ROI
The migration of the first primary system is complete. Integration of the ID solution with their global HR platform, Workplace by Facebook, Grant Management platform and their ‘International Development Measuring System’ will follow shortly

4. Professional Consultants
Working with a vendor and platform agnostic team that is versatile and fully experienced with solutions available

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