Bringing an identity roles explosion back under control

Automated Identity and Access Management

A global enterprise with over 30,000 staff was facing a challenge to efficiently manage the identity and access controls of each colleague across multiple systems

To tackle this problem, Amido implemented a leading automated identity and access management (IdAM) solution


The enterprise’s workforce were mostly permanent colleagues although there were a significant number of contractors, freelancers, agency staff and partner organisations that required access to the various systems.

The main challenge that Amido faced was how to provide access management for each colleague, whether permanent or temporary.

Another issue faced by the enterprise was the proliferation of duplicate identities, in some cases a temporary worker might have as many as 5 due to switching teams or the renewal of contracts.


Amido was asked to present an effective solution to control and manage the enterprise’s ‘roles explosion’.

Amido advised the enterprise to opt for a leading identity and access management solution which was perfectly suited to enterprise’s requirements.

The identity platform has provided our enterprise client with the foundation on which to build comprehensive, global access management. By improving automation, security and governance, this world-leading company now has a modern digital identity technology system that is ready for future growth.

Steve Jones - Principal Consultant, Amido


1. The new identity management platform improves our enterprise client’s security, automation and governance

2. The solution creates a single Active Directory domain to replace the company’s three existing domains, giving them a single view of their 30,000 employee identities

3. It dramatically reduces the large number of duplicate identities, bringing the organisation’s identity Roles and Security Groups back under its control

4. Identity management automation lowers the workload of the team that manages identities

5. By reducing duplication of effort, governance and security processes also become easier

6. The technology gives the client the capability to assess their internal identity management and simplify it going forward

7. The IdAM solution has provided our enterprise client with the foundation on which to build comprehensive, global access management

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