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Amido Wins Most Innovative Emerging Technology, UK Cloud Awards 2018


News Facts:

  • Amido continues to prove that it is the preferred expert for innovative cloud services with latest award win
  • Amido joins pioneers such as Amazon, Dell, Sage Business Cloud and Lifesize – known for enterprise collaboration, innovative uses of technologies, and best in class business advisors for cloud services
  • Amido is ranked in The Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 league table, Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies list, the FT1000 fastest growing European companies list, the UK’s Best Workplace list and won Most Innovative Emerging Technology at the UK Cloud Awards
  • UK Cloud Awards is the brainchild of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and Cloud Pro– created to celebrate innovation, entrepreneurialism and technical excellence in the UK cloud IT Market


London, U.K., 10th July 2018 – Amido, a vendor-agnostic technical consultancy specialising in cloud transformation, wins the Most Innovative use of Technology Award for Project FreQ, despite strong competition in The Best Digital Transformation category.

Judges were impressed by Project FreQ for its innovative use of technologies to help a worldwide media and entertainment company monitor its clients’ promotional campaigns across several platforms and stations. This was proving time-consuming, taking the commercial teams away from their preferred role of brokering more campaigns1.

The success of FreQ has further raised the profile of Amido – a company that does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to digital transformation projects. The panel of judges and industry peers learnt how Amido listened to its client’s business needs and ideas in order to deliver a transformation product which has disrupted how the media industry access, edit, send and save audio files as swiftly as using a search engine. As a result, the time spent searching, collating and editing clips was significantly reduced from hours to minutes. Amido advised using VoiceBase, an innovative speech-to-text service technology, to deliver industry-leading accuracy with the fastest turnaround time and at a low price – coupling it with AWS Elasticsearch Service, which made it easy to deploy, operate, and scale for log analytics, full-text search, application monitoring, and more.

For each show transcribed by VoiceBase, Elasticsearch enabled users to query the converted audio-to-text and then refer it back to the audio snippets. By using a simple front-end design, users can search for audio, verify by listening and reading the text transcript, and then download it to send to the client. As an added bonus following the success of ‘FreQ’, presenters and producers are now using the service to review what’s been said on air and to discuss show performance and content.

CEO of Amido, Alan Walsh, adds: “We are doing something right when our clients continue to recommend our talented staff who understand the value of time and cost implications when dealing with out-of-box software solutions that lock clients into specific vendors. Project FreQ went live within 8 weeks – within time and budget – and is one of many innovative solutions we have created to help solve real business problems, without entering into vendor lock-in – creating solutions that can be managed by in-house tech teams in terms of ongoing maintenance. Technology for us at Amido has never been about products, but about the business objectives. This is how we are able to continue to expertly deliver innovative solutions as we know how to make disparate software work together across platforms, and plug the gaps where needed rather than reinventing the wheel. We know the value in our team and constantly invest in our cloud experts, so they are constantly evolving and learning through our DevOps Academy.”

In addition, Amido recently announced its 2017/18 financial results which complements its growth rate of exceeding expectations by 20 per cent. Its expertise in the design, build and deployment of cloud systems to new and legacy infrastructure architecture, across many different sectors, has led to Amido quickly becoming recognised as a leading independent IT consultancy that uses cloud technology to solve business problems swiftly.

Notes to Editors:

1Prior to building the unique and innovative ‘FreQ’ [pronounced free-q] product, the international media and entertainment company’s commercial teams were manually listening back to each show to record the mentions within the duration of the presenter’s air-time – a time ranging between an hour to three/four hours.  Once all the mentions were logged, they cut and pulled each of these clips into an audio file so that the client could listen to the campaign.  In addition, the commercial team would need to offset these mentions against other factors, such as peak hour listening numbers, ensuring that the client’s promotional targets were hit as well as the ROI. This pain-staking task was supremely vital to the commercial arm of the business in order to maintain client relations and secure further business ventures.

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