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Amido to hit Growth of 380% since 2014


Recruitment Up as Industry Demands for Experienced DevOps and IT Engineers

News Facts:

  • Founded in 2010, Amido is a leading cloud consultancy firm that designs and deploys agile cloud solutions to work with legacy architecture
  • Financial growth hits an average of 40% year-on-year since 2014
  • DevOps on the rise: Amido continues to invest in IT talent to address industry imbalance of monolithic IT with the need for multi-platform and cloud technology skills
  • Cloud Integration, Cloud Economics, Microservices at Scale, Identity and Access Management (IdAM), Data Architecture and Search and Insight are at the heart of how Amido drives IT Transformation across all sectors

London, U.K., 15th November 2017 – Amido, a vendor-agnostic technical consultancy specialising in cloud-first transformation, is on its way to surpassing its three-year goal to hit £10m in revenue by March 2018, from £2.5m in 2014. The prediction to hit £12m comes six months before the financial year end owing to the rise of cloud-based solutions being built on top of legacy systems, increasing IT agility and flexibility across all sectors. As a result, the industry has called for a new breed of IT engineering talent that can provide the expertise required for on-demand, real-time test and deployment across any platform and software solution. As such, Amido places DevOps at the heart of its investment to ensure the integrity of cloud solution designs that support the evolving digital landscape.

Alan Walsh, CEO of Amido, states: “Since 2014, we have grown at an average rate of 40% year-on-year and we have reinvested this back into the company by training and hiring permanent talent, especially over these past three years. We knew early on that the industry is evolving and that we must accommodate for the DevOps skills required for agile cloud solutions and, as such, we have introduced our own Amido Academy for DevOps, helping junior development and operations staff along with their career. We are a pragmatic company that is small enough to be creative, yet big enough and mature enough to deliver enterprise projects on a global scale. Our team pools its knowledge to constantly upskill in order to help companies that are concerned about the business risk, cost and successful delivery of digital projects – a huge burden for heavily regulated sectors like financial services. We work with great technology partners like, Auth0, ForgeRock, Gluu and Janrain on excellent projects in AWS and Microsoft Azure; and with the new engagements of both Google Cloud and Alibaba, these projects will continue to foster our growth.”

Amido is constantly approached by clients who must validate the expense of existing technology with the need to deliver new digital solutions that work together – without the need to ‘rip and replace’. Since 2010, the company prioritises four main areas as the key drivers to digital transformation: Identity and Access Management; Microservices at Scale; Cloud Integration, and Search and Insight.  Amido places itself amidst huge industry players as a consultancy that offers the skills to remove legacy technology pain points, such as vendor lock-ins and lack of agility, through cloud transformation. Organisations that are savvy enough to realise the power of the information they hold quickly employ Amido to stitch together these solutions across legacy and cloud infrastructure – known as hybrid IT.

Simon Evans, CTO of Amido, adds: “We address the CMO and CIO need for digital cloud design and build that drives business growth, without huge IT expenditure. Gartner recently announced that global cloud services spend hit USD $260bn,an impressive amount when you consider that IT spend on enterprise software is $265bn; and this was before AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud announced financial year results marking the most successful year of cloud growth yet. As such, we have experienced a rise in the demand for our services and skillset across all sectors. We are also keeping a close eye on Google Cloud as one industry player that will gain significant enterprise marketshare as it teams up with Cisco, which is why we are continuously upskilling our engineers to help advise clients of the best cloud platforms for their business.”

Amido inherently understands the critical role data plays for all companies planning to digitalise. Those that fail to centralise it into the heart of the business will simply fail to survive the online world. “The customer – no matter what business you’re in – must be the focus when a business looks to innovate,” Evans continues. “This not only means products, but also the services that revolve around the identity of the customer, generating loyalty and streamlining processes across the sales, marketing and design teams responsible for product development. It is imperative that companies start to differentiate using technology and learn how to scale the business using the datasets they hold, as well as being compliant especially with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) coming in 2018.”

Amido successfully delivers digital projects that are flexible for the future, scalable and offer differentiation of experience. For example, its work with online retail giant, ASOS, has helped deliver a frictionless, global customer experience as well as helping the retailer replatform their entire ecommerce system using microservices and deploying it in Microsoft Azure, resulting in a platform that will circumvent Black Friday-like crashes.  Other new customers include Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chains, London City Airport, Addison Lee, Global Radio and a range of public and third sector organisations, which are all benefiting from the power of agile and cloud-based solutions, designed to solve business problems.

Amido will release its full year results in the summer of 2018 and is recently ranked 12th in The Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100 league table, the UK’s top 100 SMEs with the fastest-growing international sales. It is also ranked 6th in Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies List under the Technical Agencies category.

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