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Amido to Attend Leading Developer Event, CloudNative London


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London, U.K., 6th September 2018 – Amido, a vendor-agnostic technical consultancy specialising in cloud transformation, continues to invest in recruiting and nurturing talent to accommodate the high demand for software engineering skills required by all industry sectors. With Digital Transformation projects now firmly placed into the world of Cloud, business owners need technical leadership from experts who understand how to use the latest technology to build scalable cloud systems in an agile way, utilising fast-moving and cross-functional teams.

Software engineering skills are constantly evolving, with Gartner recommending that CIOs need to upskill in order to navigate through the evolving trends in the cloud; especially with the commoditisation of cloud services and the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning influencing the rise of deep analytics/learning and automation, offset by the Internet of Things. The report by Mike J. Walker, research vice-president at Gartner, highlights the severe lack of skills currently in the market as he predicts that the next two years will see a shortage of data scientists who are essential to businesses that need to provide a seamless experience for all who interact with technology.

Chris Priest, Senior Consultant at Amido, adds: “Understanding which technologies should be deployed to solve a variety of business challenges is a problem faced by many of our clients, especially during this exciting shift in cloud services. Breaking apart the monolith is hard, especially whilst maintaining BAU (business as usual) – and there is a real shortage of experts who truly understand how to build individual services piece-by-piece in the cloud and at scale. Our approach to software delivery not only ensures that these new systems integrate seamlessly with existing technologies, but it also maximises our clients’ investments in technology.”

“At Amido, we continually invest in our teams and we recognise that we must cultivate talent that can provide the expertise to develop and test cloud first systems across a wide variety of platforms; and this is why we are growing and excelling, because we do this very well.”

Event Schedule:

Senior Consultant, Chris Priest will share his top three lessons learnt from nearly a decade of building cloud-based systems, taking you through the practical steps to avoid the same pitfalls.

During the three-day event, where Amido engineers can be found at stand 4, Amido will also be bringing back the retro Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and hosting competitive one-on-one challenges where there will be a special prize for the victor.

Amido DevOps Academy

Amido launched the DevOps Academy last year as part of their ongoing commitment to the upskilling and investment in growing tech talent. The Academy recruits and trains passionate developers and systems administrators of all levels, helping them grow and build on their existing skillsets to become fully fledged DevOps engineers.

The DevOps Academy will cover everything from ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) to agile and from Ansible to Terraform2.  Amido will continue to invest in people entering the DevOps workforce in order to build affordable and reliable cloud solutions for its customers.

Applications are now open to join the academy. If you would like to join our team, please apply here or email:

Amido recently relocated from its London Bridge base to new offices in Old Street following its high growth in specialist IT Engineering talent on Monday 13th August. Its new address is 43 Worship St, London EC2A 2DW.

Editor Notes:

1Founded in 2010, Amido is a privately-owned cloud consultancy that specialises in designing and implementing cloud-first solutions to work alongside legacy applications across all sectors, which has led to Amido quickly become recognised as one of the few independent IT consultancies that uses cloud technology to solve business problems, swiftly.

2Terraform, a tool that automates infrastructure provisioning on platforms including AWS, Google Compute Engine, OpenStack and Azure.

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