Microservice platforms

Removing the inflexibility of ageing monolithic systems by replatforming them into cloud-native services that run at hyperscale and high availability.

Removing vendor lock in

Cloud-native thinking enables microservices architecture, the opposite of the monolithic approach. Microservices deconstruct the overall system design into a set of manageable, independent and loosely coupled services. Services can be resourced and scaled independently of each other, meaning that if one fails, it doesn’t bring the whole platform down with it. It also allows you to scale individual services to handle demand, rather than having to scale the entire platform.

Flexibility, scalability and differentiation of customer experience

Our ’assemble, integrate and build’ approach means you can plug in new services and replace existing services with ease, giving you greater agility and futureproofing when compared with your off-the-shelf platform. By building microservices around your existing platform, it allows you deploy new capabilities without affecting business as usual and retire your legacy system at the appropriate time. No ‘rip and replace’ needed.

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"When designing and building these kinds of systems, you need specialist advice from a best of breed cloud partner. With their expertise in cloud-based hyperscale systems and their previous work on customer identity management, we trusted Amido to help us in our next stage of growth."

Bob Strudwick, CTO, ASOS

Value it creates

  • Keep up with your competition

    Ensure your business remains relevant by differentiating your customer experience and evolving new capabilities quickly (e.g. Artificial Intelligence)

  • Resilience on a global scale

    Improved availability and operational management, as well as the ability to scale and excel during peak trading

  • Reduce vendor lock-in

    By building around the edges of your existing platform, it removes the commercial risk of vendor lock-in

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Technology we use

As a vendor-agnostic consultancy, we have experience working with a variety of products, helping organisations to integrate best of breed cloud services with existing products and platforms.

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  • Apache Kafka
  • Splunk

Business problems we solve with microservices

  • Step-by-step path to the cloud

    Solving real-world business problems by providing a pragmatic path to the cloud.

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  • Data-driven decisions

    Utilise multiple sources of data in order to better understand, predict and gain competitive advantage.

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  • Cloud-native solutions

    Deliver flexible cloud-native solutions that reduce vendor lock-in, work seamlessly alongside existing technology and lower risk.

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  • Intelligent digital experiences

    Design frictionless digital experiences that are flexible and resilient at scale.

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Whilst working with organisations from a variety of industries, we have developed a number of specialisms that we believe are key elements in any digital transformation journey.

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