Research report into six key industries facing customer data and identity challenges

Speaking to CIOs and marketing decision makers across six vertical markets including retail, media, utilities and financial services, this report looks at how organisations are utilising the ever-increasing amounts of customer data to personalise customer experience, increase long-term engagement and drive revenue.

Download this report to find out:

  • Which sectors are leading the way in achieving a single customer view
  • What are CIOs doing to solve the increasing problem of multiple data sources
  • How customer data can be used efficiently to enhance long-term brand engagement
  • Whether multichannel strategies have created or broken down barriers between IT and marketing
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    Long term having an understanding of the customer will lead to having a better interaction with them. We need insight into their wants and needs. As a CIO, how do I have a set of processes that support the customer?

    Richard Warner, CIO, LV=

    This report explores a new world of information management and how customer data, if harnessed and utilised effectively across the organisation, has the potential to provide greater customer insight, long term customer engagement and the ability to predict future behaviour. Giving people what they want, before they want it, is next-generation personalisation. 

    Our Capital XTRA breakfast show team asked what artists turned listeners off and the answer was Craig David, they asked what artist turned listeners on, it was Craig David! There are a lot of sacred cows that will be challenged.

    David Henderson, Director of Technology and Operations, Global Radio