DevOps Engineer

Location – London

Who we are looking for

Technical brilliance is great, but at Amido we are looking for more than that. Your individual creativity, initiative and team fit are just as important. If you like to flex your knowledge and skills to understand and fix business problems, we could be the place for you. Working at Amido you’ll be involved in your projects from day one, given autonomy over your work and expected to have a voice to help shape the projects you’re working on.


Understand the mystery of production?

Our teams are composed of a wide variety of technical expertise and business experience. As one of our DevOps experts, you will be responsible for collaborating with the team and the client to understand and communicate how the solution can be delivered and operationally supported. Some of our clients have a more formal process than others so being able to talk the talk when it comes to ITIL and service management is important, however you will also be pragmatic in your approach and able to flex on process where it’s needed.

Given the nature of our work, we sometimes have to work within existing clients technology choice so it’s likely you will have a strength in one area over another, this is OK, but tell us how you flex your knowledge and experience to bridge the gaps. We maintain a high level of automation for our solutions so a deep knowledge of scripting and coding is essential. Programming language doesn’t matter as long as you can transfer your skills.

We often build on the Microsoft stack so knowledge of Powershell and Deployments in Windows and Azure is essential. Depending on requirements, we use a combination of deployment technologies from TFS to Team City, Octopus Deploy, ProGet, Chef and Azure Resource Manager.

On the other side of the fence some of our clients who favour other stacks use a range of platform services from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud so we like to use Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, ElasticBeanstalk and OpsWorks, amongst others. We manage the application lifecycle with Git, Jenkins, TeamCity, so experience with these technologies is essential.

Who we are

At Amido we specialise in implementing cloud-first solutions. We do this by building resilience at scale, flexibility for the future and differentiation of customer experience for our clients. And, we do this while minimising business-risk and build-cost.

We don’t reinvent the wheel – with a plethora of proven cloud services, we firmly believe that we can find the best solution from the rich PaaS and SaaS marketplace. The real magic is in understanding what our clients need, knowing what is out there and gluing these technologies together in the most effective way, building only what is needed.

We always encourage our customers to rent first, buy second and build and maintain as little as possible. Our list of successful projects is long. We have evolved as the market has evolved and we continue to adapt and learn, apply the best delivery techniques and work in close collaboration with our clients.


A little bit more info…

Over the past few years Amido has grown rapidly bringing on board brilliant technical analysts, user experience consultants and project managers who are focused on building pragmatic digital solutions that utilise the latest cloud applications, services and service integration platforms.

Our list of successful projects is long and continuing to grow – some recent clients include ASOS, Global Radio, Addison Lee, Atkins Global, Endemol, Save The Children, JLT and Channel 4.

In addition to team lunches, slack memes and free fruit, we have quarterly company events where everyone downs tools to come together for a drink, a chat and the opportunity to share something that excites them, whether that’s new technology that they’ve discovered or even a chatbot that they designed.

Amido is a group of talented, pioneering and pragmatic technical consultants. Our product is the expertise of our people and our working practices. Our clients and teams are spread out across London and other cities in UK. As a consultancy, some of our project teams spend five days a week with their clients whereas some split their time between client site and in our office in Worship Street, City of London. We live and breathe variety, flexibility and willingness to travel as part of our culture. Our people are our strongest asset and we are here to support them throughout the lifespan of their projects through our schemes and our social & professional inclusiveness programmes. If you are the kind of person who thrives in this environment, please send your CV to –