Identity and access management

Delivering Identity as a Service to improve customer acquisition and enterprise access control, while unlocking a path to the cloud

The cornerstone of digital transformation

Identity is the digital representation of who you are, which is used by one or more systems to decide which resources you have access to. This applies to you if you’re an employee accessing corporate systems, a customer making an online purchase or anyone posting on social media. Identity and Access Management (IdAM) solutions were designed to give secure remote access to internally-facing systems from both sides of the firewall, making it an incredibly important foundation block of digital transformation. If you build your digital transformation right for your employees, you’re in a better position to offer access at scale to your customers.

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Eliminate the complexity of applications that require both consumers and employees to access

A strong IdAM foundation enables mobility for your workforce, gives you the ability to access third party cloud services securely, and allows you to offer customers 24/7 availability to online services in a global marketplace, where consumers shop, read and access systems at any time of day, from anywhere in the world. If you get identity right from the start, you will really get to enjoy the benefits the cloud offers in terms of scalability, availability and flexibility.

You can’t scale without identity

Digital transformation comes with huge opportunities for companies that want to grow. Combining the latest identity solutions with the benefits of the cloud means they work seamlessly across geographical boundaries, with the cloud allowing for almost infinite scale. It no longer makes sense to invest in scaling a business without a strong identity solution.

Industry use cases

The industries that are most notably embedding identity at the core of their digital transformation programmes, and seeing the benefits, are retail and media. These sectors are blazing a trail for multi-channel identity management, gleaning data about their customers in the online and offline worlds, and combining it to target their customers accurately and appropriately.

Meanwhile, identity management enables retail and media organisations to give their customers a consistent, secure experience across channels and devices, increasing brand loyalty and tailored marketing.

It’s not just retail and media though; identity is transforming other industries. Financial services firms, including insurers, know they must improve the way they interact with customers. This means reshaping their business models away from being product-led to placing the customer at the heart of their business processes.

Value it creates

  • Increase customer revenue

    Increases customer acquisition and customer engagement, provides a better, more personal customer experience and enables social advocacy

  • Reduce internal security risks

    Provides mobile device management (MDM) and clear governance over access management and policies, and enables segregation of duties (SoD)

  • Unlock your digital strategy

    Provides a key foundation to moving into the cloud and enables B2B and acquisition-based federation scenarios

Technology we use

As a vendor-agnostic consultancy, we have experience working with a variety of IdAM products, and regularly help organisations assess which is the most suitable product to solve their particular challenge.

  • Azure active directory

Designing and delivering a global identity service for 20 million ASOS customers

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Save the Children International

Building a market-leading identity solution across 120 countries for Save the Children International

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Identity of Things

Business problems we solve by delivering effective Identity and Access Management solutions

  • Step-by-step path to the cloud

    Solving real-world business problems by providing a pragmatic path to the cloud.

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  • Data-driven decisions

    Utilise multiple sources of data in order to better understand, predict and gain competitive advantage.

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  • Cloud-native solutions

    Deliver flexible cloud-native solutions that reduce vendor lock-in, work seamlessly alongside existing technology and lower risk.

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  • Seamless digital experiences

    Design frictionless digital experiences that are flexible and resilient at scale.

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Our Services

Whilst working with organisations from a variety of industries, we have developed a number of specialisms that we believe are key elements in any digital transformation journey.

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