Flexible cloud-native solutions

We help our clients to deliver cloud-native solutions that reduce vendor lock-in, working seamlessly alongside existing technology and lowering risk

Cloud architectures are constantly evolving, enabling businesses to operate faster, be more flexible and responsive than ever before

Increasing business agility

Your legacy IT often doesn’t have the flexibility that you need in order to compete; rolling out new systems alongside existing ones can be time consuming and expensive.

Monolithic systems can make digital transformation more difficult – internal IT teams often spend the majority of their time maintaining business as usual, rather than working on more innovative, customer-focused projects that generate loyalty and drive growth. How do you take the technology you have already, and make it fit for the future?

How to gain competitive edge with cloud technologies

Businesses that effectively harness these technologies gain a competitive edge. Therefore, to achieve increasing returns, you need to plan strategically and deliver iteratively.

For you, this might require a strangler approach that extends the value of an existing platform and gain an earlier return; or it could mean developing side-by-side, building out a new platform alongside an old, possibly burning one – an approach which delivers greater value down the line.

Flexibility, scalability and speed

The opportunity for businesses to connect disparate systems gives companies comprehensive visibility into their data, improved connectivity and the ability to spin up new services quickly by building around the edges of and integrating with their existing platforms. Through the integration of cloud and on-premises applications, businesses can make use of new technology from multiple providers whilst extending the life of legacy technology and removing vendor lock-in. Flexible cloud solutions reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), lowering risk as well as reducing capital expenditure

Siloed systems result in siloed data

Whether it’s the result of acquisition, piecemeal purchasing of technology or the desire to move to a more cloud-based infrastructure, multiple systems that can’t talk easily to each other slow down business processes and make businesses less efficient. We help organisations to improve and automate business processes, helping your business to use data from multiple sources to make data-driven decisions, improving your ability to operate effectively and nimbly.

"What’s fascinating right now is the pace at which open source projects, from the likes of Google and Apache, are being embraced as managed offerings by all the big cloud vendors. These proven and open technologies are rapidly replacing the pioneering first movers in the cloud; projects like Kubernetes, Apache Kafka and Apache Spark are regularly available “as a service” on the big cloud providers, and this is without doubt a good thing for the world. This convergence is the key to avoiding vendor lock-in while still enabling a business to focus on their digital USP. It is the enabler for a multi-cloud strategy."

Simon Evans, CTO, Amido
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How we can help make your technology more flexible

Whilst working with organisations from a variety of industries, we have developed a number of specialisms that we believe are key elements in making your technology more agile

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