Data-driven decisions

We help our clients utilise multiple sources of information in order to better understand, predict and gain competitive advantage.

Data here, data there

Whether its structured or unstructured content, or siloed data from a variety of systems, digital businesses have vast amounts of data they could be utilising but many don’t know where to focus first. Analytics? Business Intelligence? Or build a data science team?

PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey 2016 found that “everyone wants decision-making to be faster, especially in banking, insurance, and healthcare.” The key is enabling all wider business areas to be able to run analytics, business intelligence, ML and AI, giving them actionable insights to drive new efficiencies and a competitive edge.

Save money, make money

A study from the MIT Center for Digital Business found that organisations driven most by data-based decision-making saw 4% higher productivity rates as well as 6% higher profits. However, when an organisation has multiple systems, both internally and externally facing, often operating in silo from each other, integrating vast amounts of information from different business areas and combining it to gain actionable insight in near real-time, is much easier said than done.

Amido and Media Giant

Agile search platform to extract value and improve efficiency from unstructured data

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ASOS Amido

Helping ASOS make data-driven decisions with their customer data

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How we help businesses become data-driven

Whilst working with organisations from a variety of industries, we have developed a number of specialisms that help organisations become data-driven

Cloud Futures 2020 eBook

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