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Bringing agile software delivery into Financial Services

We began working with a global retail bank who was struggling to deliver new digital capabilities at scale whilst abiding by strict legislation.

Like many banks, they feared the ‘rip and replace’ impact of digital transformation due to the high level of legacy IT in mainframe systems that have been built up over many years.

The Challenge

Modernising monolithic IT

The pace of technological change, combined with increased legislation makes the task of modernising monolithic IT within traditional financial services institutions not only challenging but essential, with the 2017 Economist Intelligence Unit Symbiosis report revealing that 61% of traditional banks prioritise responding to regulatory compliance over digital modernisation.

Competition from Challenger banks

The 2017 IFC Digital Financial Services report highlights the importance of technology transformation of consumer banking services such as account openings and mortgage lending in order to keep up with the pace of change; with some FinTech companies already meeting these consumer demands with low cost, convenient ways to transfer, borrow and invest money.

The solution

To allow the level of agility, flexibility and increased speed to market banks need in order to digitise at speed and at scale, removing reliance on legacy applications is crucial.

Modern platform of APIs

Creating a modern platform of APIs enables cross-platform communication, we were able to design and utilise a microservice-based architecture that feeds directly into the bank’s core legacy system, making the process of implementing new services quick, without affecting the day-to-day running of the existing technology stack. No ‘lift and shift’ is required.

The benefits

  • Rapid deployment

    Time-to-market was nine months demonstrating the importance of working cross-culturally to deliver financial solutions that centralise the customer

  • Legislation complaint

    Amido understands and adheres to strict financial regulation with sensitivity and confidentiality

  • Streamlined processes

    By introducing the communication layer between new products and services and the mainframe, this reduces man hours and enhances customer experience with superfast digital solutions

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Agile into financial services

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