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Designing a global identity and loyalty solution

Tasked with improving customer experience for millions of customers, ASOS were looking to develop a new identity service which could be integrated with its existing technology.

The Challenge

Analytics, along with user feedback, identified issues in ASOS’ checkout process. Difficulties during registration and sign-in were obstructing the sales process – resulting in a loss of conversion.

Determined to make the journey from registration and sign-in, through to purchase, as smooth as possible, ASOS were looking to integrate a single sign on with a ‘single view of the customer’. This would allow customers who use social channels like Facebook and Twitter to benefit from a seamless login and social sharing experience across all platforms. At the same time, ASOS was eager to better understand its shoppers. If they could build stronger relationships with them ASOS would improve its customer engagement and drive revenue from existing customers.

"ASOS customers are digitally-savvy, socially-active shoppers. We challenged identity experts Amido to develop a cloud-based solution that would streamline our sign-in process, integrate with social media and leverage our existing technology. By designing and implementing a solution with no vendor lock-in, which could integrate with our legacy systems and scale globally, they delivered significant business benefit whilst consistently delivering on time and on budget."

Bob Strudwick, CTO, ASOS
ASOS Amido

The Solution

As experts in identity verification and social integration, ASOS asked us to develop a new identity service, which could be incorporated into its existing technology assets. To this end, we worked with ASOS to connect its storefront with various social channels.

Since the implementation of the identity service, Amido and ASOS have continued to work together to solve business problems through the smarter use of technology. As well as designing and delivering a scalable ecommerce system to enable 30% annual revenue growth, Amido have architected and delivered a global rewards programme, redesigned their Bag and Saved Items user interface and are in the middle of redesigning their global fulfilment system to enable global expansion

The benefits

  • Frictionless checkout

    Friction was removed from the checkout process. This reduced the number of customers that abandoned transactions and increased conversion.

  • Customer experience

    A consistent and reusable registration and sign on user experience across all ASOS websites and applications, including mobile apps, was established.

  • Single customer view

    Instant insight into newly acquired customers, richer information around customer registration, an up to date view of returning customers and a single representation of any customer – no matter how they sign in.

  • Brand advocacy

    Improved customer engagement and brand exposure through social sharing.

  • Customer insight

    Better understanding of customer behaviour.

  • Flexible solution

    An extensible, standards compliant, global solution with a low operational overhead.

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Asos global identity

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