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Richard Slater - A day in the Life of a Principal Consultant


I have always been technical, passionate about using engineering to solve problems, from an early age I invented tools to change the world around me. I joined Amido four years ago with only a few years of consulting experience early in my career but ten years of technical experience across Managed Services, Education and New Media under my belt. These years at Amido though have been filled with personal and professional growth, particularly with the popularisation of the DevOps Movement in the UK, meaning my time has been perpetually at a premium.

Working at a consultancy gives you somewhat of a dual personality, at the end of the day, a consultancy thrives on the skill of its employees and the reputation with its clients. However, we as consultants are also responsible for generating sales leads by building relationships with clients and providing industry thought leadership. This duality means that while I am working with my clients to build high performance, reliable and repeatable, continuous delivery pipelines I am also building professional friendships and advocating best practice within the technical community.

With this in mind, there are two aspects of Amido that I find particularly enjoyable. First, the social aspect of working with clients to gain their trust and respect in the ability of our teams to deliver on time, on budget and on schedule. Secondly, to be technical leaders in our fields and find innovative ways to solve problems for our clients.

I believe Amido is both innovative and disruptive within the technology industry, delivering solutions to our clients that cannot be matched by any other company. We are going to continue to change the game in the favour of our clients no matter how hard the problem may appear.

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