Jack Sheppard – A day in the Life of a Tester

7.30: Wake up…please just five more minutes. Fine alarm, I’m up – where’s the coffee, shiz not going to test itself.

8.15: Great…packed train, oh well it’s not that long

9.15: Standup. So Jon wired in the back end service to the database, Tony has done…wait what did I do yesterday? Oh yes, I wrote tests around that API service. Wait what did Tony just say he did yesterday?

9.30: Let’s finally make that cup of coffee and I can ask about that exception I’m getting with my tests because I know Rich will have the answer…

Sound familiar? They are work grumbles, but they are great work grumbles because I am part of a functioning greased work engine that takes in user stories and turns them into tested code.


I was originally a scientist before I became a tester. When I eventually turned to technology I spent five years as a tester before Amido, starting as a manual script follower to a test automation engineer. It took five years to learn the basics but in the year that I have been working at Amido I have learnt more than I ever did before. This is largely due to the exceedingly clever people who are around me every day and the way Amido approach problems. I wanted to work at a place where customer engagement is paramount as there is nothing worse than testing against bad requirements. This is only avoided by working closely with your clients. I can tell you now it’s amazing.

Vendor Agnosticism

Being at a vendor agnostic consultancy surrounded by passionate engineers means that there is never a shortage of new knowledge about the industry floating around. Frameworks that I’d never heard of, models and practices which were only rumoured are real and experienced and there is friendly advice everywhere. It is a very empowering position to be in when you have the freedom and responsibility to control your own work and the tools you wish to use. There are always occasions when a specific technology has to be favoured such as a certain stack the client already uses, but this just provides an opportunity to shine with the knowledge you already have, or the chance to learn something new!

Current Project

I am currently working in a team of five as the QA with three devs and a PM and its great. We are doing full stack development with tech that I have been itching to try out in a practical situation. It’s learning whilst doing in an environment where perhaps my biggest grumble is that I lost a game of fussball to Harriet in the office league. Sound familiar? No? Well, it could be.

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