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Company Day: An Afternoon of Stop Motion


Company day saw the Amido staff down tools for the afternoon to try their hand at stop motion with each team tasked with creating a TV advert to promote Amido using only Lego. After careful consideration our panel of judges selected a worthy winner, we interviewed the winning team to hear how they did it!

Congrats on your well-deserved win, so tell us, how did you come up with such a great idea in such a limited amount of time?

I believe in the “simplicity is genius” quote. I’m not saying that our idea was genius, but drawing inspiration from the fact that keeping things simple wins most times.

Lego pieces themselves are just simple building blocks, we started thinking about company values, cloud, programming and all the technical factors. We were trying to find something very complex and philosophical in terms of an idea, yet we had these simple tools in front of us to make it happen.

Then we paused and looked at these tiny pieces and said – no matter what big idea we will try to build, there will be a piece missing. And THAT became the idea itself – no matter what you’re trying to build, there’s Amido missing, I think it fits right in with Lego pieces too.

What were the main challenges you faced?

I think the biggest challenge was the time constraint, I think it even influenced our way of thinking. We knew we didn’t have enough time to create those complex ideas. So we had to come up with an idea that was easy to create as well.

What did you enjoy most about the day?

I do stop motion animations from time to time anyway, so everything about stop motion and creativity is enjoyable and satisfying to me.

Looking back what would you have done differently?

I don’t think I’d change the idea or the scenario, I think I would just add a bit of detail to the scene.

Has your involvement with the day inspired any stop-motion projects of your own?

Definitely. And as I said, I love doing stop-motion animations and it inspired me to do more. I wish we had an official stop motion animation day at least once a month. 🙂

Click on the videos below to check out the TV ads from the rest of our teams

Another one of our groups getting creative with the story behind our logo change!

Another group took a more musical approach, this is their take on a Disco Classic!

Are you in a dead-end job? Here’s team 1 with  “Stop this Madness”.

Our final group demonstrated cloud transformation with the help of a horse, a prisoner and Buzz Lightyear!

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