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Cloud Services Comparison - AWS vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud


As a ‘cloud-native’ consultancy, one of the questions we often ask ourselves is: ‘Which cloud provider is best suited to host this particular application?’.
While there are many sides to that question, and many aspects to take into account, one of the more important metrics would be – which cloud provider supports the features that I need?

For simple applications, all that’s necessary might be a simple server – for example AWS has Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Azure has Virtual Machines and Google has Compute Engines (CE).
But when looking at larger, more complex applications, you might need a specific feature that’s only supported by a specific cloud provider.

Below is a table that contains all services from the big three providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google) (as of the day this blog was written).
If you have specific services in mind, this table can be used to determine which cloud provider can provide those services.

All providers support the basics. AWS and Azure are comparable in which services are on offer – Google Cloud lags behind in a few areas, most notable Mobile, IoT and Management.
AWS has very specialized services, with a single responsibility in mind. Azure will often use the same service or API for several responsibilities. (See the Developers Tools section for instance – AWS uses 5 services to cover the same responsibilities as Azure covers with one – VSTS).
AWS is a good choice if you are looking for Media services (encoding/transcoding/conversions).
Azure is the only choice if you’re looking for a Facial or Emotion Recognition service.
Google Cloud is the only choice if you’re looking for ML-specific hardware (TPU – Tensor Processing Units).

We intend to keep this page up-to-date – let us know if we’ve missed anything or if a new feature was introduced that’s still missing!

Click to view the cloud services comparison table

References: – List of AWS products/services – List of Azure products/services – List of Google Cloud products/services – Microsoft’s comparison between Azure and AWS – Useful graph on how to choose between Google Cloud’s Storage options

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