A day in the Life: Claire Donaldson, Finance Manager, Amido

What do you do?

I’m the Finance Manager at Amido and sit amongst the Senior Management team on the Operations side of the business. I manage our day to day accounting and the toing and froing of money in and out of the business from payroll to client invoicing. Much of my time is spent analysing financial data in order to understand and report to the board on the financial health of the organisation. I work closely with other departments using this information to make recommendations around operational change, budget control and reducing financial risk.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Amido?

Without a doubt the people. I’ve been at Amido for 4 years and I’ve always found the people in the business lovely and good fun to work with. We’ve grown enormously in that time but I can still name everybody working in the business (though it’s getting much harder!). I’m lucky because I get to meet all our new starters in their first few days to do a financial induction with them and this is a great opportunity for me to introduce myself and get to know people better. I really enjoy it.

What exciting things are you doing in your domain?

We’re currently changing accounting systems from Freeagent to Xero.  With all those time-saving tools I’m very excited about being freed up to get on with some of the more interesting bits of my job.

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