A Day in the Life: Andy Jutton, Principal Technical Consultant, Amido

What do you do?

I am a principal technical consultant for Amido, specifically responsible for the design and build of software applications across one or more projects. I lead teams from whiteboard to production, working with the client to gather their requirements and architect the right solution. I work with Amido development teams and client stakeholders to deliver solutions that solve hard problems and bring value to our clients.

What’s the best thing about being a Principal Technical Consultant at Amido?

At Amido we are language, technology and vendor agnostic, meaning that every project can bring together a different set of technologies to solve a problem. As a result we’re exposed to a lot of cutting edge technologies covering latest services offerings commonly from cloud providers such as Azure and AWS.

What exciting things are you doing?

It’s an exciting time in software development. Amido have always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology and with the rise of cloud computing and the wealth of services they provide, alongside emerging patterns and practices to deliver solutions, such as micro service architecture, has brought new opportunity like never before.  What gets me out of bed each day is the prospect of always learning something new every day, working with like-minded colleagues. It is always rewarding to deliver applications with large user bases which must run at high scale, with thousands of concurrent users.  Recent examples have included building an identity solution for a user base of 30 million customers, and micro service solution that has taken over 75 million transactions in day.

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