To retain customers in a digital world, multichannel customer recognition is essential when providing a frictionless and relevant online and offline experience.

We specialise in designing and implementing complex identity solutions that drive customer loyalty and long-term engagement. By putting the capture and utilisation of customer data at the heart of the organisation’s processes we utilise existing cloud technology to provide marketing and insight teams with the foundation they need to interpret and use data in a pertinent way to service customers with products and services that they want, in the right channel, at the right time.

Know Thy Customer – Whitepaper

Alex Laurie, Commercial Director at Amido, discusses Identity at Forgerock Identity Summit 2016

” The most important thing at the moment is that identity starts with reducing friction, making it easy for people to sign in, making it easy for people to transact. Everyone is trying to bridge that gap between physical and digital. You need identity solutions that allow you to do that. “

Helping ASOS get closer to its customers

Hyperscale commerce

Tasked with improving customer experience for 20 million customers, we helped ASOS design and deliver a global identity solution, using Microsoft Azure that allowed ASOS to better understand their customers.

Cited by The Times Magazine as “the undisputed champion of online fashion”, ASOS is one of the world’s most successful online fashion retailers with 98 million visitors a month. As experts in Identity, Amido successfully developed a new identity service for this rapidly expanding, global, online retailer.

Making the Digital World Personal

Understanding customer identity is a fundamental way to ensure the digital world is made personal. With online environments transforming the way we engage with others, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding. It isn’t just about what they want, but about when, where, how they want it and what they might want next.

The power of data and insight is invaluable when trying to understand your customers, by taking a more identity focused approach businesses will be able to deliver the personalised and consistent omni-channel experience that today’s consumers demand.

Identity Research Report

As experts in customer identity and data solutions, Amido conducted a series of interviews with senior IT and marketing leaders across six major verticals to ascertain which sectors are best utilising the increasing amounts of customer data in order to tailor products, services and marketing campaigns. The report uncovered opportunities to improve customer identity strategies across all sectors that could give organisations an advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

To read the full report click here, alternatively you can find sector-specific reports below:



Media organisations live with a strange split personality when it comes to the identity of the customer. Viewers, readers and listeners see themselves as the apple of the media business eye, but the stark truth is they are the product and the real customer is the advertiser. But the internet has created a layer of customer analysis that makes the need to understand and identify the customer more important than ever before.



It is no surprise that retailers demonstrates the greatest understanding, interest and investment into customer identity management. Just as with its cousins in the media, retail has seen its marketplace change beyond recognition as a result of the internet’s ubiquity. Retail chains must now operate in a multichannel world of physical stores and the web, serving a variety of platforms.


Financial Services

Business leaders from the insurance sector understand that their organisations must improve the way they interact with customers. To do this, they need to reshape their business models away from the prevailing trend of being product led and instead to place the customer at the heart of all business process. To put the customer at the heart of the organisation requires a rethink of identifiable information and the technology for its management.


Industry & Automotive

Industry and automotive organisations are increasingly moving closer to the end customers, either via the existing supply chain, or through direct opportunities afforded by today’s digital technology. Despite this, they are still behind the curve when it comes to using customer identity data.



Logistics has always been an information centric industry and, with the rise of e-commerce, organisations are closer to their customers than ever before. Yet still, there is more that could be done with customer data to gain a competitive edge.



The utilities sector divides into organisations that are highly customer focused and those that have very little interaction with the customer. However changes in regulations and the inevitable impact of digital technology are changing that.




A churn dashboard helps us identify which customers are leaving, from what tariffs and to which other suppliers – we can use this to learn and optimise…
Bill Wilkins, CIO, First Utility



Consolidating a single customer identity management platform would be valuable to simplify the cost
Martin Gee, CTO, Haymarket Media Group




Insight into behaviour like next day delivery can create patterns so that we can offer customers something so much more suitable

David Jack, CIO, Metapack




Being able to reach out to your customers and target them with things that are pertinent to them is the strategic ambition of our company. We want to personalise the brand and the customer experience.
Maggie Van’T Hoff, CIO, Shell Retail


Industry & Automotive


One thing I have been trying to promote is that people want a personal response and if you don’t do that people will go to the competition

Mike McMinn, Group IT Director, Marston’s


Financial Services


The bar in customer services isn’t set by other insurance companies. People look at organisations and ask ‘is that a good experience?’ based on what they have experienced elsewhere on the web

Richard Warner, CIO, LV=

Highlights from the Amido Annual Conference, 2017 – The Future of Identity